Can't design Buildings

So, I’m designing a building and after a few modifications it wont let me make anymore additions or modifications. It just stops working. I would try to build a roof, a second floor, place furniture, or individual blocks but it just shows up for a quick second and then goes away. No matter how many times I restart the game the problem still remains. So I eventually have to rid of the entire design itself and start all over. Now I am only able to use the default buildings.

I think it has something to do with the Engine Error that pops up every time I enter the game.

Upload an image of the error or a copy of your stonehearth.log file (found in the same folder as your install of the game). You should be able to do both now that you are past the new user trust level.

More information is better where building bugs are concerned, since it’s a pretty complicated system.

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