Engine Error that prevents building

I got this bug earlier which prevents me from building anything. I tried to build a custom building as well as using a premade building. It shows it on the cursor but it disappears once you try and place it.
This is the error that I get.


I am having an issue with building also. I can not get any two story buildings period. Haven’t try my small buildings yet.

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I think this issue has been reported before. The building editor glitches when you try to place a template of a building with some specific characteristic (I don’t remember if it was several floors, or some kind of furniture) and then makes you unable to use it. I have to find the related topic…

Thanks for reporting!

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i get this bug everytime i try to build something. i can make a square building and i will get the bug and the same thing happens. no matter what i try to build…simple or complex, it eventually gives me this bug. normally halfway through designing the 1st building. this bug also prevents me from being able to place any building that already has a template, (such as shared sleeping quarters). this bug makes it impossible to place trapper,farming,stockpile zones, it makes it impossible to do anything in the game…unless you want to watch your hearthlings as you have no control over anything.