How do i add Arctic Wildlife to MOD biome [Help]

I am using the Taiga Biome
here id like to add the arctic wildlife, beetles deers caribous and boars but im a bit lost with all the mixintos
bruno did teach me some but i did not catch everything

for now i ccopied Caribou, Deer, Doodles nest files to the mod and edited them but the taiga biome name seems buged i dont know what to put in the _nest.json for now i wrote;

“biomes”: [ “taiga_biome:biome:taiga” ]

i did some edits in the mod files and the manifest


“mixintos” : {
“stonehearth:scenarios:static:doodles_nest” : “file(scenarios/static/doodles_nest)”,
“stonehearth:scenarios:static:deer_nest” : “file(scenarios/static/deer_nes)”,
“stonehearth:scenarios:static:caribou_nest” : “file(scenarios/static/caribou_nest)”

Added a Scenarios Files with related json


each nest.json edited and added

“biomes”: [ “stonehearth:biome:arctic”, “taiga_biome:biome:taiga” ],

but still critters dont seem to spawn in the taiga biome

You are trying to add everything from arctic to the taiga. Wouldn’t be easier to just play the arctic?
If there is something in taiga that you like, wouldn’t be easier to add that small feature to the arctic from the taiga instead of a lot from taiga to the arctic? Why copy 99% of A to B instead of just 1% of B to A?

indeed !! thank you @BrunoSupremo i did not think that way
but yes i yould just make an edit to the artic gen .json
god im dumb … :sweat:

thanks again

Ah wait i know why, its because the taiga mod has cutom fog and clouds