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will i need to start a new game for it to take affect? tried placing the pantry and it still turned invisible


Those look amazing o_o


I started a new game, it works fine now.


I started a new game, herbalist bookshelf disapeared after placing it.

Edit: only other mod used: better stockpiles.
(Some items are still only stored in stockpiles with “all” as filter.)


Ohh i have to check it :frowning:
Also for the stockpile. Can you tell me witch models create this problem?


The Mod Better Stockpiles is:

Items which are stored corectly when using this Mod:
Wooden Shelf
Wooden Pantry
Wooden Table

Brightbell Planter
Gardener Bench

Not stored:
Small Case
Wooden Barrel
Large Case

Herb Table
Herbs Corbel
Potions Bookshelf
(The next 3 are categorized as “stonehearth:jobs.herbalist.receipes.storage_name” instead of “Storage” in the crafting window)
Small Jar
Large Herb Case
Large Jar

Not tested due to lack of ingrediences:
Frostsnap Planter
Large Planter Box
Monument to Hamnisu

When placing a Potion Bookshelf only the outline on the ground is visible. A Heartling will come and carry one (visible in his Hands) and it disapears immediately after placement.

Hope this helps finding the bug. Let me know if you need some further testing.


This runs back to the same issue I told you about with some other items, @pingu (before the monument was added).
Feel free to hit me up if you need assistance down the line - I think you’ll get them this time though :smiley:

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“Those gold-smuggling kobolds will have to think twice before attacking us. With these braziers right next to us, we can light the arrowheads that we’ll be shooting at them… I bet they’ll look pretty at night time.”
-Guile Robins, a veteran archer guard for 15 years

With all seriousness, these looks amazing @pingu :slight_smile:!
These light will make defensive walls and towers more… fire-y (I ran out of adjectives).


This helps a lot. Thx

Will take a look on this bugs

You mean the problem with the item descriptions? For the correct stockpile? @Hamnisu


Indeed! I have not dug into this issue, of course, but I believe this is the same as we discussed last time :slight_smile:

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mhh i have updated all the infos :confused: will also take a look at them


Bugs fixed!

Now everything sould work fine. If not tell me please. Thx @Draalo for you detailed Feedback.

Great Idea! i can also make a second model and use them as Patrol points. :smiley:

For all!

If you have some ideas, or just wishes for furnitures, decorations and other stuff, tell me! It’s always helpful for me when i want to add new Models. I need inspiration ahahahah :smiley:

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Started with the same save as used per-test, i confirm that all barrels etc. were properly stored immedetely,

Got lucky and looted a gold ingot first fight, so i testet monument of Hamnisu too - nice one :slight_smile:

reporting that production of large herb case didnt start, even when all req. met.


@pingu those braziers as patrol points would be so nice! the banners from the mod patrol points feels a bit off. Maybe it is their color… But maybe the braziers could have two versions? one for patrol points and one just for decoration?

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Mhh you see it in the workshop, but the herbalist doesn’t craft it? Have to check it

Yes, that was also my idea. A normal brazier and another one as patrol point :wink:


I tested the recipe of the large herb case but all worked fine for me @Draalo. Maybe the Loadfiles, that used an old version make this happen. :frowning:


With the old save the crockery shelf was invisible too - starting a new game now - reporting later.

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I Have a question to the Mod-Users. I’m working on new models and Entities that i want to add to the Mod.

I created for now also some statues but i’m not sure if they are appreciated. So would you like to see more monuments like this for Rayya or more fantasyful ones without references to existing cultures?

  • Yes, we want more stuff like this
  • No, make models without connections to existing cultures
  • It’s not so a big deal

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If you are going to add a lot of very specialized items, it could be a good idea to add those to a new class that craft them.
Else, you can simple create a category in the crafter menu to place them all, not mixing with the other items.

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yes i already created a new category. monuments and statues

but i’m a little bit disappointed how they have to look. for this i used a ancient style, egyptian. I’m just not sure if it’s good to make such connections to reality or if it’s better to create fantasy ones like the monkey shrine or the rabbit statues are

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