Herbalist workshop

Can someone say to me if there is been some change at herbalist’s workshop? cause i see sometimes that some tonics are get in queue without my order, is it for injuried citizens? there is some way to give him orders to queue something without player order?

You can use the standard “keep X of this item in stock” order, which is useful for frequently used items + a great way to keep a supply of trading goods.

As far as auto-queuing the creation of healing items when hearthlings get injured… honestly I don’t remember if that’s an ACE feature or not; but it would be risky to rely on that anyway – you would need to make sure you have all the ingredients at all times anyway. It would be much easier to simply use the keep-in-stock function to keep a couple of every healing item on-hand so that it’s immediately available when needed… you still may run out of ingredients, but at least you’ll have the medicine ready to go while you organise to collect more ingredients.

That is indeed an ACE feature and you can turn it off if you want:

Under Settings > Authorized Community Expansion look for the option that says something like “Auto queue medications” or “Healing items” (I don’t remember the exact way it’s written - but it’s there) and tick it off :slight_smile: