My herbalist has spun into a dance of death

After moving some stuff around in the crafting queue, I’ve found the herbalist bugging out in front of the workbench.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure. An order to maintain 20 healing potions was at the top. I ordered some seeds and moved the potion order to the bottom of the queue.

Expected Results:
Herbalist stays idle until herbs are properly placed into stockpile and available for use.

Actual Results:
Herbalist dancing herself to death. I guess I brought in an exotic illness with the flora.

1545061834002.rar (4.6 MB)
stonehearth.log (81.2 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
ACE, Gardens of Hearth, Easy mode

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Does it fix itself after save/reload?

Was the maintain order in progress? Or was the herbalist in the middle of dropping an item and starting the next when you moved the maintain order?

Yup, it did!

If you find a way to repro, please let us know. It’s likely something to do with the change so that they won’t stop crafting when they can’t reach the ingredients while they’re gathering them, but seems to happen very rarely so hopefully with the save/load workaround it’ll do.

I haven’t been able to repro consistently.

Alright. I’ll make sure to let you know if I find out something valuable.