Herbalist not maintaining heavy bandages

I cant get my herbalist to maintain the heavy bandages, but if i ask for them made once it works fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Level a herbalist to level 4.
  2. Set a maintain order on heavy bandage.

Expected Results:
Herbalist queing up the workorder.

Actual Results:
No hearthling is assigned to the workorder.

my herbalist is at level 5.
The problem have existed before i installed the smart crafter mod and still exist after aswell.
my hearthlings bleed alot… :merry:


Version Number and Mods in use:
release 707
better stockpiles
canyon biome
minecarts and rails
patrol mod
smart crafter
terrain color
tree stump
System Information:

hey there @Fornjotr,

kind of a goofy question, but how many heavy bandages do you already have in your inventory?

i had one single bandage in the inventory.

hmm ok i took a look again and now i found a strange thing… i have 4 that i can sell, but apparently my inventory says i have 10 bandages…?
Might not be the herbalist that is the guilty part here, but something else with the inventory count? Or maybe they run around and hide the bandages in secret locations? do we have a new trait i havent noticed? (hoarder) :jubilant:

hmm… have you checked your hearthlings backpacks? (especially military units) as i think that sometimes a hearthling will pick something up and then get another task before dropping it, and as far as i’m aware you can’t sell stuff in a hearthlings inventory… :thinking:

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Just checked the backpacks of all hearthlings and no one carried any bandages. i then searhed the town inside and out and nothing besides a bronze breastplate on a bed :smiley: i really dont know why there is three stacks of energydrinks in my inventory either… what i then noticed was that i only had one heavy bandages left in my leather chest, but the number in the inventory was at 8… 10-3 should give 7 right? seems like something is messed up…

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I also got 3 different stacks of the same potion. If I remember correctly it happens when you have placed a potion in the world and then undeploy it back to storage.


I know where they are. This bug is prioritized in our list, hopefully by the time A22 is stable it will be fixed.

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