Maintain bandages / discrepancy with town inventory


I have a couple of saves with issues regarding maintaining bandages. One of them has issues with maintaining Heavy Bandages, while the other Light. I haven’t tested for Coarse or the Small Healing Potions.

It seems the problem is caused with a discrepancy with the Town Inventory item count.

Here, I have an order to maintain 5 Heavy Bandages:

As you can see, the Town Inventory screen shows that I have 8 Heavy Bandages, 2 Light Bandages, and 1 Coarse Bandage:

When I try to sell items, however, it shows a different account of my stock - a number that matches what I can visibly see in my stockpiles/storage space. I have also manically checked everyone’s backpacks to no avail.

link to save

I have a couple other saves if you think it would help

(a17.610; no mods)

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Did you check the backpack of each of your hearthlings?
Or maybe those are loot/forgotten and are lying around somewhere?

yes, i have checked backpacks and searched the world; if it exists then it is like a splash screen poyo

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