Herbalist Won't Compost (ACE Composting)

I noticed that my herbalist will not compost, I mean they will create chunk o’ compost from bits o’ compost but when they done they will just drop it on the ground.
The chunk o’ compost will not be place on any inventory ( chest/pot/urn etc ) and they can’t be deleted
The only case where the herbalist managed to create a compost was when there was a chunk o’ compost in the composting bin. I’m really lost and can’t figure out why
Here is a list of the mods : ( in case some mod might clash with the composting )

  • ACE : ACE , Armours , Armours Core , Composting
  • Dani’s Core Mod
  • Extra Map Options
  • Finery
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Jewel Of The Orient
  • LostEMs
  • Lower Tier Music At Higher Tiers
  • Mod Repairer
  • Obligation/Timer Tracker
  • Settlement Decor

As of right now, I don’t think Compost mod has their normal storage tag. So, please use crafter storage (things like supply bin, supply bench.) instead, these are priority storage and they have ability to store compost.

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It’s intentional, normal storage (chests, etc…) are a “leave and forget” kind of storage and I didn’t want people stockpiling tons of compost and forgetting it there
the idea is to either use it straight from the compost bin OR from input containers near the crafter :slight_smile: