ACE 9.6.6 Composting


Appears that composting is not currently working, rotten food baskets are allowed to go in and nothing is coming out.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add only rotten food, have control bin for other items
  2. Watch intently
  3. Nothing appears from rotten food compost bin, other bin with veggie mulch and poop is producing compost

Expected Results:
Bits of compost should appear?

Actual Results:

Nothing happens?

Version Number and Mods in use:
9.6.6 E ACE
ACE Composting
6 Starting hearthlings
Beam hearthling stats
Dani’s Core mod
Extra map options
Home Sweet home
Kai monkey Landmarks
Knack’s Golemancy
Locks of many hair
Mod repairer
Primitive Armory
Settlement Decor
The hunter
Trapper+ (localized from Github, not steam)
Trapper+ Taxidermy

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Unfortunately the recent ACE change that makes rotten food and some other “trash” disappear quickly in containers is also making them disappear before they can turn into compost :glum:

Poop compost should still work fine, however (and the craftable veggie mulch) so I’d ask you to try to stick to these until I get time to update the mod :merry:

Dude you’re a legend lol! I was literally updating my post to show that I did a control + experiment.

Thank you Dani! I appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing for this game.

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