Herbalist staff (Minor)

You can not sell the Herbalist Staff. A minor thing, but wanted to point out anyway.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure staff is in stockpile.
  2. Wait for traveling merchant.
  3. See if Staff shows up in list of sellable goods.

Expected Results:
Ability to sell staff.
Actual Results:
Not showing up in goods to sell.
I’ve only noticed this on the initial merchant that sells shields, sword, hoe, etc… Not sure if I could with any the other since I promoted a person with it, but it was that merchant specifically.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 2797 (latest one done on tuesday/wednesday)
System Information:
NE56r48u (Model number)


Another Note: I was using Raiya’s Children at the time. Don’t know if that has any baring to the merchants, but figured to add that. :slight_smile:

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hey there @Tamorr, thanks for the report,

i do know that Rayya’s children have diffferent traders then ascendancy, but i dont think that would make a difference.

edit: just tested it, and can confirm that its not sellable by the ascendancy either.

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I’ve made a pass through a bunch of items that should have been sellable but were not. Please see if this is fixed next unstable release


will do, when it is out. :slight_smile:

No. Still not able to sell it, since it does not even show in the UI.

First pic is from my save in the prior version loaded into this current version. Showing the shop I was referring to originally.

The Second is a new save, and has the stockpile visible with the staff. The initial shop still but early on.

I have checked and no matter which merchant, as long as it is one you sell things to; the Staff doesn’t show up.

You’re the best Yang…along with everyone else there of course! lol

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Looks like the Herbalist staff is still unsellable according to the code too…

"entity_data": {
      "stonehearth:chair": {},
      "stonehearth:net_worth": {
         "value_in_gold": 20,
         "rarity": "common",
         "shop_info": {
            "buyable": true,
            "sellable": false,
            "shopkeeper_level": 1,
            "shopkeeper_type": "caravan"

@yshan, why is there a chair in the entity_data?

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is the weaver’s wheel? i noticed that the other day.

I think people copy and paste this part too much so the chair part got in. Will make another pass today. Thanks for reporting it still isn’t fixed.
There were a lot of items to go through…


yeah, quite a few entered the game since the beginning… Makes sense. And thank you, just glad I was able to help. :slight_smile:

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