Herbalist help?

I dont quite understand how the herbalist is supposed to work. I have tonics and bandages stocked, but my injured hearthlings just keep going about their business, even if they’re less than half health, and they don’t seek healing at all, resulting in my herbalist not leveling at all so i have to make an exorbitant amount of tonics and such to accommodate. Can anyone help me understand?

As far as I can tell, the tonics and bandages only get used when the hearthling goes to a bed to recover. The threshold for that seems to be lower (i.e. more damage taken) than it used to be.

I don’t believe herbalists gain any xp from healing though; at least if they do it’s never been a noticeable amount.

The addition of the option to craft seeds is a great way to level up your herbalist though – the seeds are worth the same xp as the small tonics, but each flower gives three seeds (plus you’ll randomly get bonus seeds from harvesting.) You can quickly multiply a few flowers into a massive field, giving your herbalist plenty of of raw materials without tying up a farmer’s time. You can do the same thing with berry bushes too as a way to quickly improve your food stocks in the early game.

A cleric does a much better job of keeping your town healthy, but of course getting the herbalist to become a cleric has always been a challenge. Now, it’s a simple matter of spamming wild herbs and/or berry bushes to level your herbalist up, which also benefits any future herbalists in their level-up process since they’ll also have a larger crop size to work with.

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Herbalist is a issue that has been addressed for quite a while… Right now the best option is to upgrade to cleric as fast as possible.

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What @Oleker says really. herbalist is curently underpowered an flaky, cleric is the way to go. so just make like 20 potions, should level you to lvl 2, make the book, get away fro the herbalist :’(

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