Help restoring save games

Hi, I recently lost all my saved games, but was able to recover them using a program. However, they are not working. I have placed the recovered folders back into the saved_games folder, where they were originally, but cannot get them to load. Even the screenshot image in the folder file (a .PNG file) isn’t being recognized by Windows let alone by Stonehearth. The saved game shows up when trying to load (with the “broken photo” image as the screenshot) but nothing happens when I try to load it and was wondering if anyone knew what I could do to restore the work on these previous saves. Any thoughts are appreciated. The files were supposed to be fully recovered by the recovery program but clearly something must have changed to prevent them from working. Thanks for any help.


Here is one of the recent saves I’m trying to restore if anyone wants to take a look


I looked at those files and I’m afraid at least that save is beyond recovery. Disk recovery works for unstructured data (e.g. an uncompressed bitmap or video stream), but for highly structured data like this, even a small amount of missing data spoils the whole thing, and this one (at least the server data, which is what’s important) doesn’t look anything like what I’d expect to see in a savegame.