My saved-game doesn't appear in main menu

I have a saved game but when I put again the game it said New Game instead of marking load and continue, when I checked the local data it was my saved file there, I tried to copy the file and downloading the game another time and nothing.

what is the exact address of your save folder?

My saved game is in the same place it was, just one day when I put the game it doesn’t was the save file, when I saw the local data it was in the same place and it was equal

Welcome to the forum, @Daniel_Hernandez_Vid :slight_smile:

Which Stonehearth version are you playing? Is your savefile from the last version too?

It should be located in the “saved_games” folder:

I think the savefile that appears for “Continue” on the menu, is the most recent savefile you have in the saved_games folder.

I once downloaded a save of a user from the forum, and when I placed it in my folder, it got mixed between older saves, and I had to manually select it with the “Load” option in the menu.

It is of Alpha 17 before the recient patch but it start to fail in the same version.

The problem is that in game doesn’t appear the load or continue with my saved file, but my saved file is in saved_games, my saved file is there but the game doesn’t read it, sorry for the problems.

How big is your savefile?
Could you zip it and upload it here?
(If it’s more than 10MB you’ll have to upload it to a free hosting site like Dropbox or Google Drive and then share the link here).


Client State


Server State

I don’t think you would need the screenshot

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I don’t have any idea of what happened to my world and it can be corrupted but I don’t have any virus

Sorry for the delay, I was away last week.

I can’t download the files with the links you provided.

You have to hover over the files in your Dropbox, then a “Share” button will appear on the right of that line.
Click on it, and a popup will appear.
Click on “Create a link”, this will generate a link that you can copy and paste here.

Otherwise we can’t download the files.