Hearthlings won't eat my food

I am trying to create a mod with some additionally food made by the cook.
But the problem is that my hearthlings won’t eat the food.

I have tried some things but nothing worked so far.
Can someone look over it and tell me what, by the name of the Bunny God, did I wrong?

Thank you

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I did a quick look at the JSON files, but didn’t see anything wrong. @jamiltron, any ideas?


There is a few errors in your aliases.

For example, in your manifest, you have “food:fruit_bowl_serving” but in your fruit_bowl item, you have “groms_food_mod:food:fruit_bowl:fruit_bowl_serving”.
It should be “groms_food_mod:food:fruit_bowl_serving” to match the manifest.


Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees…
Gnaaaaa :smiley:
That was really the problem :scream:

Now I can finish this little mod.

Thanks @BrunoSupremo
And thanks @Brackhar too


looking forward to this, I would love to have my hearthlings enjoy fruit based foods!

One of the more rewarding things I have made is being able to produce blueberry milkshakes. I just loved to be able to make those.

Cant wait to see your mod!

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How did you get those errors? I did not get them in Stonehearth.

I did play around with those stats but I don’t get what those are for
“stonehearth:stacks”: {

Is that how often the Hearthling will take a bite of the serving?

No errors. I just looked at the code. I compared it side by side with another food item.

“max_stacks”: is how many items it will hold and “stacks_per_serving” is how many a hearthling will get at once.
So you can create a food, like a soup, that hearthlings can get multiple times before it runs out. Without it, a hearthling will get food from the container once and the container will disappear.

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