Hearthlings prefer to chat instead of anything else

I think I’m out for a while at Stonehearth, hearthlings make me angry.

In the first place, they should build two damn houses. But they prefer to chat. Meanwhile, in one day cycle on “normal” mode, there are 2-3 raids all the time. Hearthlings get hurt, they need to be rescued. After the fight is over, hearthlings chill around, keep chatting. But they don’t build the houses I told them and they don’t rescue the hurt mates. Finally, they die.

But hey, the conversation they did must be very important.

Attached the save-game, maybe someone can find out what is wrong. But for me, that’s it for some weeks.

1514589871534.zip (790.2 KB)

Your save file is not working, missing files. Just zip the specific save folder.

Meanwhile, building is probably stuck, so they can’t work and will do the idle stuff, like chatting.
Rescue needs to be ordered. They will not do automatically if that was what you were expecting. If interrupted, it must be ordered again.

Maybe this works…

Sorry, but they are working/building fine here, and everyone was already rescued.

So it’s a memory issue again? Got 8 GB of RAM, at nearly 90 % of usage with Stonehearth. CPU is at 40 %.

I can’t say for sure, but for comparison, I’m playing in a i3 with only 4gb ram

Not in A23. If they drop the rescuee (e.g. the rescuer is a worker and you called town alert) the rescue order will be kept, no need to reorder it.

The Lua is quite high in the savefile, and it doesn’t help that the game speed was high too.

I think it might be the CPU, given it’s an end-game savefile. But if you had 90% usage of the RAM, it could also have been a memory issue (I think this only happens after playing for several hours).

Don’t think you want to try it but, does closing/reopening the game and loading that savefile help with the idleness of your hearthlings? Or they start chatting shortly after loading and forget about work at some point after loading? They seem to work when I load it, like BrunoSupremo said. There are a couple conversations going on, but I see them going to build, eating, and patrolling as usual.

This could be due to the gongs. For each gong you have placed, you get extra raids periodically. Yes, they might pertain to a quest line, but they keep spawning raids. Not sure if it’s your case, but according to the item count you had at least one green gong. So undeploying it might help reducing the raids.