Game bug when u hit 20 hearthlings

I think disabling chatting would fix this huge mess my people just sat there talking till they ran out of food building one house took 4 days because they kept stopping to chat every 2 seconds it is very annoying any chance of fixing this

While I’m not a professional regarding the AI’s functionality in Stonehearth and coding in general, I do have noticed that hearthlings tend to speak with each other more often when their AI is being “stressed out” by other processes such as lua and network coding (especially when playing in multiplayer).

If you play the game and looked around your UI, you may have noticed this:

It basically means which kind of code are being used at the moment. Blue means lua while dark green means AI.
I figured that if the AI bar is very small and on the right, it means there’s not much space for the AI to execute its actions, causing your hearthlings to idle out and talk with each other more often. This gets more severe as more hearthlings join your town and when you’re playing at a faster game speed.

Before any more optimization updates arrive, I suggest limiting your hearthling number and playing the game at a slower speed. If you are impatient and don’t like playing at a slower game speed, I suggest to wait for perfomance updates and try again.