Hearthling's Pet Died

One of my hearthlings had a trait for an animal companion and she was very happy. Then her pet died and now she is very sad. Will she ever get a new pet? Is there a (cheating) way to grant her a new pet through the command console or with lua?

Yes, she can get a new pet (and if she doesn’t, the sadness will eventually go away, although it lasts a good while)

There are two (three) ways you can acquire new pets:

1 - If the hearthling is a Trapper they will, every now and then, tame an animal to become their pet. So you can promote her to a Trapper so she can get herself a new pet!

2 - After Tier 2 (I think) you can get a Pet Trader on the random merchants that visit you! Then you can buy a new pet and even though you don’t choose who gets it, eventually she might be the one getting it :3 Pets are very expensive though!

(3) - There’s a rare event that can happen where you can obtain a very special pet :slight_smile: You can force the owner by having it be the closest person to the “egg” when the event ends :slight_smile: