What happens if a hearthling dies?

Will he be replaced next day or is he lost forever? (including the loss of 1 hearthling “slot”)

Short answer: Hearthling (and “slot”) is gone, but might be replaced the next day.

Long answer:
That particular Hearthling is gone forever when he/she dies, except for a tombstone you can remember them by.

When the Daily Report comes the next day, it decides whether or not to give you a new Hearthling based on numbers. Those numbers are determined by how many Hearthlings you have when the report happens. So, if you had 8 Hearthlings, and one died, then your next Daily Report would have the same requirements that it did when you had 7 Hearthlings. If you had 10 Hearthlings, and three died, the next report would still have the same requirements.


Currently, I believe it’s extremely unlikely for you to replace a hearthling right after someone dies. There’s a morale penalty for a while after the death, so when the next Daily Update (or the next couple of Updates) comes around, the morale requirement isn’t high enough for a new immigrant.

This might change in the future, where having a larger population and more influences on morale could negate the deduction’s impact.


I never personally have an issue with morale, even after a Hearthling dies. (My food is always 9.5 or higher, and shelter at the current-max of 5). However, the more Hearthlings you lose, the more likely it is that, as @Atralane says, you won’t get them replaced.

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All in all, nothing to worry about. It’s kinda easy to get back meeting the requirements again. :smiley:

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so heathlings compensate their loss by piling up food and wealth? - sounds wrong, if you ask me! :smiley:

“Hey Karl died last night during a fight with a goblin” … " we should build another storage, iam feeling hungry"