A townmember has died

Hi there,
when a hearthling dies, everyone else gets a very bad debuff:

A tripple minus for six days is too long especially if you lose a hearthling early in the game.
I would shorten the time to two full days but add a minus.

You and your hearthling would still feel the loss but it would not make the penalty that hard.

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hehe at the moment i am rebuilding my defences in Sheepdog because of this debuff… my collection of gravestones have increased though :jubilant:
But yes 6 days is a bit much, concidering that when you have defeated all the gongs and so, the raidingparties that come once 24 hours are pretty strong in numbers. Motivation to dig trenches and canals are of course always a good thing for hearthlings!

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I think a heavy penalty for death is fine, however, i think it should be mitigated by moving the gravestone into town so people can pass by it, or by the hearthlings who were are sad visiting the grave.

This adds a gameplay/rp element to the game and would be a nice immersion feature.

But I think 3 days is a good compromise in the meantime.


I like that thought with the gravestone having a function to counter that debuff! Anyways, most of my hearthlings died because they where dropped on the ground after they got rescued and i never noticed them not getting into a bed… i guess that will be fixed aswell at some point :jubilant:


With how your people can be rescued, I feel that a week is perfect for this buff. Sorry to be that guy, but it’s too easy to save people.


Why sorry? :smile: It is your opinion and it is okay.