Hearthlings not gathering items!

Well… everything else works perfect. but i cant do anything without stone/wood when they leave it on the ground… it takes like ages to get wood/stone they cut down a tree and leave the wood there even when they have nothing else to do.

you do have the correct storage… right?

[quote=“Cube1, post:11, topic:16840”]
but i cant do anything without stone/wood when they leave it on the ground…
[/quote]you should be able to use the wood even if its not in the stockpile, unless thats changed recently…

Hmm… i dont know ;_;

maybe thats part of the glitch/bug/error

EDIT: oh it is not changed… their not moving it into stockpiles…

and i think i did something wrong… i grew trees… ON trees ON trees ON trees ._.

ah yes… the good ol’ tree towers…

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That is hilarious :smiley:

the not moving item glitch/bug/error seems like hearthlings are ignoring the crates… sometimes

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I’m actually having this same problem, but I don’t think its linked to crates as I generally put all resources such as wood and stone in a stockpile. It seems to be happening every time I hit around 11 or 12 hearthlings.

Edit: Building and mining and all that still works. They only ignore the action to pick something up.


hmm… so you do have the correct filters turned on to allow the storage of those things… have you tired making abrand new stockpile that allows for everything?

when i made a new stock pile that fixed it a bit half of the items they still are not picking up only if i tell them to loot them

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make sure your hearthlings are not doing anything, if you give them a “job” (building, mining, etc.) they wont collect resources, as that is their lowest priority “job”. if you use the loot tool, collecting those items gets a “priority boost”.

so make sure you dont have anything else for them to do, then make more stockpiles, and see if that fixes it…

well they are “building” (idling next to it waiting for some stone to arive that no one wants to dig…)
a house And when i tell them to loot the items they just leave half of the items there.

aha, so they are prioritizing building… even though they should be going and getting the materials off the ground… try pausing the build to see if they’ll go finish collecting the stuff.

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Yup it works! but having to create stockpiles in my villages makes it even more messy xD

EDIT: Why are they ignoring crates?

they are? i simply kept saying stockpiles because i forgot about crates :laughing:

but if they arent paying attention to crates… thats a problem. do you perhaps have storage filter it default to none?

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nope… I see empty crates with filters that allow everything

hmm… maybe they have higher priority for stockpiles? have you tried removing those and seeing if they moved the stuff into the crates?

I’m hitting a similar issue in one of my new saves. I am at day 14 with 18 hearthlings and they constantly leave resources laying around even if I specifically tell them to loot them. Right now if I target them for loot and then do a save then load they will spring into action a bit and grab some of them but it also seems just as likely that they will drop items on the way/back.

This also seems to happen more the further from the village the loot is, e.g. I have a mine 1/4 of the map away and they constantly leave the ground littered with the ore.

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Wow so this is actually becoming a problem now :o ?!