Hearthlings ignoring filters

I put down the crate. Paused the game instant it was down to set the filter. Unpause the game.
Watch them ignore the filter and throw other things in there anyways. Sigh…

ähmmm you know that the logchair isnt from stonehearth ^^ this is from the settlementdecor :wink: so please report this there xD

If it were just the chair, sure; that ore doesn’t belong under the stone filter either, it has its own,

ok what is that for ore? because there are lots of mods who also adds ore xD

no issues with the stonhearth ore xD

this has definitely been a problem for awhile now, believe it’s been reported before (don’t have time to check) but it’s caused by hearthlings “claiming” storage spots as soon as the chest is put down, even if the filter is changed there “claimed” spots don’t get reset… or something like that…

as a workaround you can turn on the “storage filters default to nothing” in the settings…

hope this makes sense, i’m in a rush so it probably doesnt :stuck_out_tongue:


lol thats exactly what i have found after testing ^^ because when they are placed your hearthlings get the transport as task also when you change the filter they will still place it there because it was there task ^^ thats also the reason why i havent the issue because i use the default = nothing setting ^^

so the chair isnt an issue of settlementdecor its correct there (also checked xD)

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Ahh, yes, it does make sense, thank you, @8BitCrab!