Hearthlings forgot how to build scaffoldings

I was playing on a save file I used for the current alpha 17 and when I got to a point that I felt comfortable with expanding beyond my town walls, I started putting blueprints everywhere.

But things quickly turned sour for me as I came to the conclusion that my hearthlings didn’t build scaffolding to continue building the building I wanted them to build.

Result? A lot of half-finished buildings around my town and the look of the town in ruins.

The only way I could make the hearthlings build was by manually placing ladder every 2 blocks or so.

I think what happened was that I saved and quit during the construction of the building, but is that seriously enough to fk up the game and my save file?

I uploaded the errors I got every time I started the save file…


Hearthlings forgot how to build scaffolding.txt (1.7 KB)

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