Hearthling stuck on invisable blocks

i built a wall with a stone tunnel door and my hearthling archer mid combat got stuck in the door i tried removing the door and it was still stuck so i mined under it still it fell but refused to move in the end the hearthling started to starve and my clerics wouldnt let it die so i do not know what to do any ideas
Steps to reproduce:

  1. build wall and place a stone tunnel door in it.
  2. have your guards have combat near it and the archer shooting from the door.
  3. if archer hearthling stuck in door remove walls and door if possible sometimes it is not removable.
    Expected Results:
    the hearthling would get stuck and unresponsive
    Actual Results:
    hearthling stuck in place and unresponsive eventually starving to death.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 22 version 0.22.0 (release 737) x64 build
System Information:

Have you restarted the game to see if it resets that poor archer? Sometimes that works these types of bugs.