Hearthling rescue event animation suggestion

Having just experienced the heartbreak of almost losing a hearthling, while whisper-yelling at the screen for somebody to “Go save her dammit!”, I now know what the rescue animation looks like.

For anyone who doesn't

While I was impressed by the end of the animation, with the care my cleric took in setting her into her bed, I realized that the trip there was a little… lackluster? I care so much for my hearthlings, but while the cleric was carrying her to her possible death-bed, nobody else cared that their friend could soon meet her demise!

My suggestion is this: At some point between pick-up and put-in-bed, some other hearthling should come follow the rescuer and rescue-ee for a period of time, and act concerned, because they’re best buds, who shared a basket of carrots not two hours ago!

Maybe it could even be somebody who sleeps in a nearby bed, or someone who has the same job, because they “know” each other more.

I just really feel like this could add a ton to such a small interaction. I can see that my Shepard loves his sheep now. I want to see that somebody cares about their wounded friend enough to go out of their way to make them feel better.

Possible inspiration

Hermonie caring for Ron in hospital bed

This screen-cap from the end of Bolt, where penny was in the movie studio fire and her mom rushes to her.


YAAAAAS, or even just seeing hearthlings going to see their friend and talk to them in their recovery phase. Bringing them food, etc.


This would be really nice thing yo have in the game