Animation of crying

I suggest you enter a crying animation into the game.
The game already has an animation game with animals. When the villagers play with animals in their spare time.
You can enter into the game an animation of sorrow over the dead.
For example, they approach the already placed tombstone and cry.
So the player would understand who each villager is important and dear to other residents.
I think this is a good idea.

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I second this idea seems to me that would make me feel more in touch with my harthlings

I will second this as well. Agree with all the above.

Wasn’t the crying animation shown in a livestream? :thinking:

So yes, we also want the hearthlings to interact with things that aren’t other hearthlings, such as the tombstones that you mention, or other items. But for A22, we only introduce the conversation system so that hearthlings talk with other hearthlings about things that happen in your town. In the future, we can expand that system to allow for what you suggest :slight_smile: