Hearthling interaction connected to real events

Hello, I have a suggestion which might be too soon to add but I think it’d be a great aspect of the game.

So I saw the video and how hearthlings could talk about accomplishments they made and I wondered, wouldn’t it be great if they talked about accomplishments that would effect the player too? So as example, your blacksmith is busy working on some chain mail chest plate and when they finish it it turns out to be of creat quality boosting a hearthlings combat abillity more than a normal chain mail chest plate would! So this would give the blacksmith something to talk about to her best friend, or maybe something to brag about to the whole town? So besides the good quality items they could talk about all sorts of things which wouldn’t only be cool to watch and read but will also give the player hints about what’s going on arround town without having to check and look up everything about the town’s status and events every time.