Hearth Upgrade: Cheer

my hearth upgrade bugged out so the quest disappeared when i completed it, but it didn’t give me anything for it. so i’m wondering if there is a command to fix that problem

I was wondering the same thing as the same happened to me with another hearth upgrade.


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@sigsus, in order for the hearth to upgrade it has to be placed in the ground.
Looking at your video, you have somehow undeployed the hearth.

If you place it, it should be detected and the celebration might start.

it didnt happen, we restarted the game and nothing changed after hours

I had to Force Complete the quest via Campaign Browser to make it happen after placing the Hearth back on the ground.

Thanks !

mind telling how?

Through the debugtools mod. debugtools.smod (627.0 KB)

Hey, what’s with uploading the debugtools mod when it already comes bundled with the game? :wink:
You just have to enable it in the mods menu.

Sorry, I just thought it was like back in the days when it actually didn’t come with the game, that’s why I uploaded it, just in case haha. ^^