Hearth Upgrade: Makers

So I just picked Stonehearth back up after a long time and am trying to figure out all the new stuff.

One thing that I’m working on is the Hearth Upgrades: Makers quest. It requires 10 Excellent Quality Items. When the quest first came up, I had 5/10. I haven’t sold or placed any since then, but it has somehow dropped to 1/10. I’m looking at my inventory and I can see that I have 12 different types of items of excellent quality (not including food) and multiple of some of those items. I’ll try to include screen caps if I can figure that out.

Anyone know what is happening or what to do?


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The ones with the blue badge are fine quality items. The one with the pink/purple badge is of excellent quality.
The 10 items should be of excellent quality (pink hexagonal badge).


Oh awesome, thank you for the clarification!!!