Health Care (Classes) / Disease and plagues

yes it has been announced that you can upgrade a herbalist to be a medic

Is there any announcement as to how it will work though

Can he also fight?
What will he do if I just leaving him milling about town?
Is there some form of revival system?

@Rybilton So far we have very little knowledge about the available classes and even less knowledge about how they will be working. We know so far that classes can level-up and probably gain the ability to use more advanced items / skills. But that’s pretty it :disappointed:. It was confirmed that there will be a revival system in place. But again… little knowledge about details.

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As @voxel_pirate has said above, we know, judging by this picture, that there will be some sort of medic unit (Physician)

We also know that you will have the usual archetypes of combat unit - the tank, the healer, etc.

In response to your other questions, as @voxel_pirate has pointed out above, these are things we have very little knowledge about right now :frowning:

Well, he will run through the idle animations I would presume, until there is a job for him to do! So, whether that be heal units, create healing supplies etc. we’ll just have to wait and see!

There has been discussions regarding revival of units, and this potentially could feed into the zombie apocalypse endgame, where your revival has failed and the unit has risen as a zombie, I’m sure you can guess the rest. Obviously this is all conjecture at the moment so we’ll have to wait and see!


:,( this class picture always brings more questions thank answers

Before I go off post 10,000 threads about it is there any you can suggest?

Sure! 3 things…

… and finally the famous search-feature :wink:.

P.S. Someone is getting old… and it is not me @Geoffers747 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Indeed it does! We have a very large shed filled with unanswered questions that Radiant open now and again and tease us with possibilities … but we love them.

It really depends what you’re after. The search button (top right, the magnifying glass) is a really great tool, and surprisingly very effective.

Failing that, go to category view (click the button in between the magnifying glass and your profile picture) to get an overview of each category or to explore them in a more traditional forum view.

Two you might want to check out, are the Q & A thread over here

and the announced features thread (a more concise version of the Q & A) here:

dont underestimate power of google :smile:

@Rybilton Maybe you can find more information at the Stonehearth school. So far there are 2 known classes.
Wilderness First Responder and the Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
stonehearth school :black_joker:

seemed like the right place to merge this thread, and there has already been some great feedback… :+1:

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Stonehearth: Let thar be plagues! So, here’s my suggestion: a form of medieval warfare to be added to the game. Anyhow, let us get to my suggestion. First, we would implement plagues in Stonehearth. This would function so that if Mer contracts the plague, then Illyown, if he has been near Mer, would have a chance of contracting it. Upon contracting the plague, Illyown would get progressively slower and his skin greener until, he DIES BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Okay, so this naturally begs the question: Swift_Cube, what about plague carrying vectors? Well, of course! I say that all mammals in the game (besides Titans) have a possibility of contracting the plague! Of course, sheep and cows would be vectors: one cow could possibly get sick and then the person tending to the cow has a probability of getting infected. Also, you could launch the diseased corpses of cows, sheep, and Mer into an enemy town or at goblins.

So, this leads into the next phase of my suggestion: Okay Swift_Cube, if the plague enters my town, I’ll be helpless to stop it! You’re a douche! Incorrect! I have a way to solve the problem and I am not a douche! You would use the Physician to cure people and animals infected with the plague. First, you’d click the Physician, then, click the people or animals you want to cure. the Physician then cures them, and after being cured they have better immunity. Also, the Physician can’t be infected.

One last thing: what starts the plague, anyway? Well, rats, of course! This new mob will be a pest. It would eat your crops, consume your granaries, and spread plague. Only Trappers can catch these annoying mobs, and rats would be where the plague began.

So, let’s look at the balancing of my suggestion:

Pro: You gain a powerful new weapon: Dead bodies being flung over the walls of your enemy cities, increasing infection chance an decreasing the city’s population! :smiley:

Con: Plague can potentially devastate your own town. :frowning:

Also, @naturalnuke was the inspiration for this thread. Thanks! :smile:

merged this here, and tweaked the title for the broader range of ideas…

While you may have felt that it was nessisary to merge my thread into this one, I feel differently and beg you to reconsider. There is little similarity between his suggestion and mine, his was to expand on the healthcare area of character progression, and my suggestion was to expand on plagues. Also, let’s be honest, this thread is long past its prime. By merging my thread with this one, you have insured that my thread will not get the attention and discussion that it deserves. However, if you still feel it nessisary to merge my thread, asyou are the forum moderator, I will respect that decision.


I strongly agree. -me

i appreciate your well thought out response to the merge… and i agree with your assessment…

i’ve reopened your thread… :+1:

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I know its still very early, but are there any plans for settlers getting ill from eating a limited diet?

E.g. if your villagers live exclusively on corn, they get pellagra, or if they don’t consume fruit/berries, they get scurvy.

Aside from discouraging mass production of whichever crop has the highest yield, this opens up the possibility for things like droughts/moulds killing off many crop types, raiders pillaging/burning farming areas, or locusts eating all of a certain crop type. Your villagers lose stats from consistently eating whatever few foods you have large stores of.

Any thoughts?


Interesting idea. After all, a surprising amount of digestion does not seem to happen on a one-food diet.


Nice! It punishes you for lack of food diversity. Love the scurvy example, this could be extended for sailors. (Remembering to pack the correct foods). However, that might be too micromanagy. :blush:


NOTHING IS TO MICRO MANAGY! That is lies! Micro master raaaaace!


Warning: if you’re not intrested or don’t have the guts for icky stuff, don’t read this article!

After reading that wonderful yet gruesome book “How They Croaked” I realized… could disease possibly be the most lethal thing in Stonehearth?

Let me explain. From the medieval ages to about the 1800’s, doctors had no clue what they were dealing with 90% percent of the time. Your average life expectancy was about your mid 30’s thanks to this. Besides some basic medicine made of herbs, the only strategy doctors had for curing major illness-related emergencies was “Bleeding people out,” which means draining what was supposedly bad blood out of the body. For example, George Washington, despite the doctors attempt to bleed him out, died of something that could easily be fixed today with some antibiotics. Thus, since bleeding was so unsuccessful, and I don’t see it being a thing in Stonehearth anyway, disease could easily slaughter your hearthlings like pigs.

So, what do you guys think? Herbs and magic to the rescue? Or simply let disease do its thing in order to make Stonehearth more realistic?

First a pendantic note, the average age if you reached maturity was actually a bit higher than 30 (outside periods of bubonic plague), the insanely high child mortality rates brought the averages down alot.

I think disease would be an interesting idea, but as a mechanic it runs the risk of being too random and uncontrollable to be “fun”. If disease was to be a part of Stonehearth there should be conditions that control the chance of disease outbreaks. There should also definitely be solutions, as there were even in the medieval period (even if having access to any kind of healthcare depended on your societal status and whether or not you lived in the islamic world.)

Drawing some inspirations from the belief in ‘miasma’ could make the rotting food you’ll get in stockpiles be one risk factor. Then there’s always traders that could bring in foreign diseases. Oh and we mustn’t forget the dreaded Goblin’s Pox that goblins tend to spread… :smiley:

As far as solutions go, an apothecary or simply a priest class come to mind as healers!