Disease and Doctors


So far we know that we have physicians in the game as one of the villager specializations, though I think that his task will only be to heal wounded soldiers and villagers as there has been no mention of disease in the game (unless someone can correct me on this).

So would people like the idea of having to deal with disease in game, if it was in game how do you think it should be done?
I have my own idea on how it could be done by using a point system, meaning that for every villager you have increases your points by 1 some villagers increase your points by more such as the hunter, beast master, rancher and trapper whilst others decrease your points such as the alchemist and physician. Some buildings would also have the same effect dirty buildings increase yours points such as a butchers or blacksmiths whilst a doctors or bath house would decrease the points. Therefore the more points you have the more likely villagers are to get ill or catch a more serious illnesses by set percentages which correlate to how many points you have. Low level diseases would give negative effects whilst higher level diseases can kill villagers. Then of course it would be up to the alchemists and physicians to cure their diseases. This point system though would be behind the scenes and not visible in the game UI so the player isn’t constantly worrying and juggling their level of points.

This could potentially be a mod, might be something I make in the future as I think it adds something to the game and improves realism, and here is a villager looking very ill cause why not.

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