Healer healing door instead of troops

I am hesitant to call this a bug, because clerics are obviously there to keep things alive, but when an army of Kobolds and an Ogre came knocking on my door, the cleric chose to heal the door instead of my troops. My knight nearly died in the encounter because of this. I had to manually move the cleric away from the doorway and towards my knight before he started healing the troops again. Even then, he would heal the door once he had their health above that of the door’s. It was kind of annoying. Perhaps recoding the cleric to heal doors only when there are no injured hearthlings around?


Honestly, I think the cleric should not be “healing doors” anyway, workers should do that, using some wood, stone or clay, depending on the door type. ^^ Maybe carpenters, masons, potters and blacksmiths can do that, too. But neither clerics or herbalists.


I agree, doors should be repaired by workers or perhaps the carpenter. Not by the cleric or herbalist.

Yeah, not more to say than +1.

I’d rather see the engineer fix the door.

Hey there @Zakiax, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:! Are you seeing the herbalist repair doors in alpha 19? It should be the engineer doing this.

Hi! Had the same issue with my cleric healing new cobblestone gate from candledark mod in A19, unfortunately haven’t seen him do the same on wooden gates or regular cobblestone gate. Oh i almost forgot, i also noticed my cleric healing cobblestone wall (the candledark mod one). Weird, my walls wood or stone made never got attacked but this new cobblestone wall gets aggroed on and destroyed a lot unlike the regular cobblestone and wodden walls which never get destroyed or even aggroed on

So it’s only the Candledark ones… They have a different mixin than the other doors in the game.

I’m going to mark this #caused_by_mod. If anyone notices this happening on “normal” doors, please reply and we’ll reopen.