Have wheat decay like the other uncooked foods

Just my opinion: I think wheat should decay like the other uncooked foods. Might be logical to give it a bit more ‘shelf life’ than the other uncooked foods though.

While were on the subject, I wonder if cooked foods should decay as well, albeit at a significantly slower rate.

i thought that was already the case… or is it still just on the list of things to do…?

I’m pretty sure all food will rot eventually, it just happens at different rates. I have not witnessed this effect myself yet, except in the most recent unstable build (the flies were a clue—are they new in Alpha 12?).

What I don’t understand is what happens to food that has rotted.

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Rotten food seems to just disappear from the stockpiles after some time. Those cube flies make fairly quick work of it.

yes, or i’m pretty sure, as this is what it says in the patch notes,

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I just checked the game code. and no, cooked food does not rot. or at least it does not have a model for it

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Ahhh! I missed that in my excitement, I guess.

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