Have farmer, cant place crops

Just promoted a hearthling to a farmer and the symbol to place crops is still not highlighted so we can place. Or is this a new update and you need to do something first?

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is that in the new tutorial?

I skipped it

yea i skipped it too. seems like it was just that hearthling . i promoted a diferent one and now its fine >.>

as far as I know you just need to wait for them to pick up the hoe and get promoted and it should work

I think F5 refreshes the ui if its a ui glitch

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@Ayla did you have your game paused perhaps?
I can’t reproduce this. As @genboom says, once they finish the promotion animation the UI should refresh; if not, you can reopen the zones menu or refresh with F5. As far as I know, there’s no tutorial for farming so it shouldn’t be affected by it.

If you see it happening again, please upload a savefile so we can check it.

Edit: Yang confirmed they’ve seen this too sometimes.


yeah I think I have read a few times on here of something similar happening but I thought it was fixed already, seems to be a rare bug

FYI, @yshan is working on this bug in this morning’s stream. Will update this if she manages to resolve it. Has to do with client-server communication issues.

Update: Looks like Yang was able to resolve this on stream. I would expect this to be fixed in the next release.