Hard time finding you


i first did Gmail then i did Msn(hotmail) and the i find out i have a creepy google+ acc. that i had no notice of, well i used that one and Wuhuu here i am.

That said

I have seen a lot of the streams and i have been on the the defense with this game, but this night i saw the last 4 hour kickstarter stream, and that hit the nail, They are real.

im 41 male from Denmark, fooling around with Unity and stuff. And these folks blows my mind. Thanx for all the videos and cool stuff.

30$ spent wisely .



i have no idea what the first 2 sentences are about but welcome to the community :slight_smile: (yes @SteveAdamo i stole yer job)



i love you. oh yes i do… … Nyx

so i remember you , i have fantasi. it works.

all give Nyrix a hug

signing out


This thread both scares me, and warms the cackles of my heart…

Here’s your official welcome aboard! :smile:


DANG i forgot official.

And you’re not the only one feeling that way steve :smile: