Halloween Update


I think it would be cool if Stonehearth did some sort of Halloween update. Like adding in skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and other sorts of Halloweenish items that fit their way into Stonehearth. What do you guys think?


I’m all for themed releases :slight_smile:

We could get christmas trees with baubles to replace the standard oak for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue: and snow of course. Always with the snow.


I would love to see seasonal events too like a Halloween titan or something :slight_smile:


Summon a jack-o-lantern titan


I am so behind this!

Spiders! (We could use some non-mammal critters) You can insert really any sort of “Scary” insect here…
Will-o’-the-wisp - passive creature, comes out at night, glows in the dark
Mushrooms/ Glowing Mushrooms


That sounds amazing, do something like a World of Warcraft Wisp?


That’s pretty much what I have in mind, that glowy spirit orb type thing. Perhaps even hanging around gravestones…


And occasionally citizens will “log” their encounter with the wisps and receive a different message depending on the temperament of the person the gravestone was for.

“I got a warm fuzzy feeling when I saw it!”
“It kept repeating Cthulu Fhtagn at me and I had to run away!”
“I think it was trying to communicate!”

etc… Ok too much probably for a little treat sidecase. But it would flesh out the world a touch.


I wish that we had ghosts, (what if people start dying, then we can have a graveyard, COMPLETE with ghosts, ghosts are awesome, add ghosts please, now… Please… ghosts… :smiley:



I wonder if the skeletons animations are already done or not yet…
At least we have pumpkins and tombstones. My suggestion is to make jack-o-lanterns too, that shouldn’t be too difficult as they could copy the lantern’s code and swap the model with one of the pumpkin, right? Maybe adding some details to the model.


If not, I’m just going to make a skin that does. xD