Haerthlings wont build what is told of them

I am trying to build some ingredients for a house that will be built soon, but I have all the stuff in the carpenter bench, it says its being crafted, but when I go to my carpenter, it says he is idle/socialising.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get anyone who cancraft/buiuld something
  2. tell them to build it
  3. They wont

Expected Results:
They will build the item
Actual Results:
They talk with their friends/sit there


Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods in use
System Information:

Sometimes an order in the crafting hearthling’s list gets bugged and in my experience the only way for now to fix it is to remove all orders from that particular list and reset them.

I sometimes get those problems too. What I usually go for is to demote my crafter back to a worker then promote them back to the crafting job. (I used “crafting” because sometimes carpenters are not the only ones who go lazy and ditch their work… :sweat: )