Green-Corn become Poyo's-Raw-Meat

I’m really enjoying Alpha 19 :laughing:

It was may swapped between Green-Corn with Poyo-meat.
But, Poyo’s raw meat doesn’t changes Green-Corn.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Relog save-file that created before Alpha 19. (My case is Alpha 18 663 stable)
  2. Farm corn
  3. Corns grow up, then they changed poyo’s raw meat.

I’m not nervous. So, I have more favor this game.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Ver: Alpha 19 (unstable)
Mods: Japanese-translation, BetterStockpile

System Information:
Windows10 (64bit)

And then, I checked relog again. This problem did not occurred.

I also cannot reproduce this.

This is a very shocking picture :wink:

Did the model actually say “poyo” when you clicked on it, or was it just the model that was incorrect?
Also, just to verify, you reloaded the same save, and it did not happen?

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No mods downloaded or used, scrolled over the screen to find some of the naturally placed oak trees have turned to spindles.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. This seemed to have happened after I got the ‘Ascertion’ crash.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

No mods downloaded or running

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:
64 bit Windows 7 - 32gb ram - 2 GTX 970

Welcome to the forum, @Zipperpull :slight_smile:

This reminds me a little of:

Which crash are you talking about?

Which Stonehearth version are you playing (A18 or A19 unstable)?

I was looking for something similar. Sorry, it’s the latest build develop-3177, A19 unstable. The ‘assertion’ crash idled the game out and I should have taken a screenshot but didn’t :frowning:
When I reloaded from last save, this happened.

If it happens again I’ll take a screenshot of the error window!

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Is the game actually making mistakes?
Cause she’s not ‘failing’, she’s actually loading the Wrong files for these as far as i can see

Though i guess it’s not a fungtional failiur,(it still works, i guess) this kinda concerns me

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Can you upload this save? I am very curious about what happened


I’m very curious as to who left all those giant spindles all over the forest…


10/10, best bug 2016.


Maybe the giant zombies were knitting?


Since this has happened they have gone back to normal somehow on later saves. I was able to find the save file that this had happened on tho so we good!

Save File

I will admit, I’ve been playing this game for about a year and I never read the patch notes because I like to be surprised with what’s added. When I scrolled over my camera and saw the giant spindles I was instantly terrified - thinking it was going to be a giant spider or something.


Mine was cathedral chairs. Lol. Fixed itself on a reload


Hmm, this is all very strange! Seems to happen once to some people, but then resolve itself on the next reload. @sdee or @linda, do you want these topics merged?

this should now be a feature… giant knitting zombies lol.

Actually i feel the wandering monsters need to do more than just stand there lifelessly.

Some one say spider?


lol… thats hilarious… the spindle spider deadly in all hearth lands.

My god this is hilarious. I was going to start a thread a while back about one piece of corn that was consistently regrowing as corn, even when the field was changed to wheat, but goodness this takes the cake!

So I just encountered this! It happened in the middle of a game (I did not load recently), and I had my turnip sprouts turn into something candledark!

Of note, the items were still listed as turnip sprouts, not whatever item was incorrectly rendered. Unfortunately (for debugging) this corrected itself upon saving.

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