GPU. Having some heat issues (not like before)

So i’m getting some issues now on Stone Hearth that i didn’t get before. I’m getting a bit more heat than usual, the performance is much better i agree, but i’d rather not fry the card. Looking at about 40C - 50C at decent cooling methods. I get less heat in Cities: Skylines because of the frame limiters, maybe a steam workshop work-around or mod to give us more freedom over our FPS could assist?

Does anybody else get this issue with heat?

Hey @cruss60, welcome to the discourse (sort-of), looks like you’ve been here a bit but this is your first post…

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you here, but @Albert or @brad might!

Also, paging @SteveAdamo, @Relyss, @8BitCrab, seems more like support/performance to me…


Hello @cruss60 :smile:

Could you provide us your system specs (CPU, graphics card, RAM, etc)?

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