GPU at 100% at low stats

The GPU is running constantly between 90% and 100%, while settings ar as low as possible with 21 hearthlings.

Running latest build with
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro K1100M

I’ve always had 100% GPU and I have a gt 750m. Probably just because the game isn’t optimized.

1080TI @100% but 100FPS with 37 Heartlings ^^

i rarely get 100% Gpu because game is really bad optimized for more than 1 core. Lately it works at around 80-95% while doing stuff with my new i7 3930k at 4.6Ghz 6core 12 threasds.

If you pause game because AI is not doing anything you can see that GPU Usage increases because coding the threads bottleknecks performance

I use 4790K @ 5GHz The Game uses many Ressources from the CPU and GPU.

I think you are confusing CPU and GPU

I’m not the reason i said what i said is because a software that’s using almost only one thread and if that thread works at 100% you are at risk of GPU not being able to push 100% which been the case for me.

You can see in task manager that almost only one thread is working rest is very low on usage this is what bottleknecks peformance for GPU

and this game really should not require you to have a 5Ghz overclock

If vsync is off, turning it on might help.