Good luck Scotland

tonights the night Scotland votes to be free of england or not, what are yalls thoughts?

Personally I have this thing where I feel that people outside of the area in question really shouldn’t weigh in, especially when it isn’t an issue of ethics or something global like that. I formed this opinion after there was a surge of news in my area of Canada and all these American celebrities started weighing in on the issue with only half the facts. The commentary was insidious, and completely absurd in some cases. I feel only the people who are directly influenced by such major decisions know the true goings on and what will suit them best.

What I’m happy for is that there is a 97% registered voter base in Scotland, what ever the decision or anyones feelings on it… the results will be a victory for democracy working at the highest level. I hope the decision carries them well into the future either way. I just hope the vote isn’t tampered with in some way.


I personally think every country should rule itself, so for that reason I think Scotland should be independent. But democracy is always a messy process, and there will be all manner of problems for Scotland and the UK in the near future as a result of a Yes vote tonight. Long-term, the remaining UK will be considerably weaker, and Scotland will have to get realistic rather quickly if they’re going to do okay economically.

Anyway, I think No will win it. There’s going to be some serious shake-ups though regardless of the outcome. If Westminster doesn’t follow through on their promises to Scotland popular opinion will swing quite dramatically towards Yes the next time they have a referendum.

Whatever happens, I hope Scotland will be okay. I have always had an affection for the country, even though I’m of English descent (I have no affection for England :stuck_out_tongue:). It’s fantastic to see such great turnout numbers though, and all those 16 and 17 year olds voting. I’m raising a glass of fine single-malt Scotch whisky to Scotland tonight.

Wait, are you serious?! How did I miss this?

That’s Americans for ya; we love to get in our two cents whether it’s about home or abroad, whether we know or don’t know the facts, whether we’re famous or not. We enjoy our “freedom of speech” WAY too much.

I wish Scotland the best of luck, although I have no opinion of this whatsoever.

And? What’s wrong with having an opinion? I know that going too far may be a problem, but why should having an opinion on something that you don’t take part in be a problem? :question:

And I ask people to please don’t act like this only happens to the US, and that this is considered “bad”. I’ve read HORROR STORIES on the internet about the tragic events that happened on September 11th, where some people from our neighbor up north (Which is Canada if you don’t know) were glad that, and I quote, this is not my opinion at all, “those Americans got what they deserved”. :scream:

Yeah, Canada kinda irks me sometimes. Most of the time not, but, yeah. :cry:

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Sorry, I wasn’t being entirely serious when I said that. Sure I am genuinely annoyed when people poke their noses where they don’t belong, and just because one has an opinion does not mean it is appropriate to share it. Still, I do agree with you. Believe me I don’t believe the US is a “bad” place. I feel very blessed to live here. I was trying to laugh it off. And really if there was a jab, it was more directed at the celebrities and not so much America itself. But it was still tasteless.

So more to the point, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to step on toes. I was saying that I can at least somewhat sympathize with @woollysmash. Inserting an uninformed opinion, especially when you are in high public standing, can be dangerous. That and it’s become my biggest pet peeve.

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IF they go independent? I’m honestly quite curious which currency they’ll go for… They have 3 main choices:

  • either they join the european union and adopt the euro
  • or they adopt the dollar
  • or they get their own currency, which I’d love to see happen and what it’d be called…

When will the decision be “official?”

The BBC & Daily Telegraph are both reporting that Alex Salmond’s independence campaign has lost the referendum. Telegraph says 55% no, 45% yes.

Thank God.

Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but why “Thank God?”

Because I’m British, and I don’t want my country split in two - certainly not by that dishonest, bullying scoundrel Salmond.

I gotcha. What does this mean for Britain now?

Well, probably more policy and tax powers for Scotland for starters (ie “devo max”) - I think this is a good idea BTW, but then that’s because I’d like to see a major nationwide devolution of powers from Westminster to local government.

Other than that, I sadly doubt it’s the end for Salmond or the independence campaign - give it a few years and he’ll be up to his usual demagogic tricks, although I’d like to think that this has been at least put off for another generation or two. Cameron has also promised that Scottish MPs will have to stop voting on matters that don’t affect them in Parliament (as they all tend to be left-wing MPs from Scotland, this’ll help the Tories & hurt any future Labour government). In the mean time I think a lot of businesses will be breathing a huge sigh of relief: Scotland tends to be much more socialist in its politics than England, and a lot of businesses etc would have no doubt suffered doing business up there if Salmond had won (hence all the threats to relocate south if he did).

Plus of course, all the usual cultural things stay the same: kilts in the British Army, a United Kingdom and all that.

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I will believe this devo max thing when I see it. As much as I’d love to see the UK become more federal, and have a constitutional convention, the promises made were made in desperation when they saw the polls changing, and their timeline seems unbelievable and their promises vague.

Early days yet, don’t forget. Give it a White Paper or two first :slight_smile: .

I just woke up here in the States, so I haven’t started reading news out of the UK, but I do know Westminster was saying 6 months for all these incredible (as in, not credible) and things to happen. Can they even extract the DNA to clone a unicorn in that time?

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this is going to make the forex markets … interesting :moneybag:


The pound’s already risen apparently.

The big long-term issue outside the UK is what happens in Europe. Catalonia, Venice, Corsica, Sardinia, the Basque territory in Spain… lots of secessionists could be emboldened by the (relative*) decorum shown in this campaign.

*Aside from Salmond’s half-truths, lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, intimidating tactics and such of course. But at least there wasn’t blood on the streets & all that.