Eurovision discussion thread

hey guys so who are you supporting in eurovision and this is also a place to discuss

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Stifles laughter


This year I’ve totally missed Eurovision (Don’t tell my friends, not ready to die :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) I just saw it the other day somewhere and was like “Whaat? Eurovision?” But I’ve heard that the Netherlands have a good song.

is it just me but does the danish guy look bit like bruno mars and sound a bit like him also I’m supporting switzerland or finland or denmark

@LlywMiner The final is today so don’t worry.
sorry @Geoffers747

It’s okay :slight_smile: Just trying to keep things tidy!

As for the Eurovision … well … I’ve just watched the UK’s entry and, like most years, we are doomed to failure.


Yeah… I’d say the same about Sweden, when it Sanna Nielsen won “Melodifestivalen” I didn’t think Sweden would win again (No offense to her but I just didn’t think her song was that great, might have something to do with that all 7 of her songs sound the same to me)

well people i know say she’s quite good and i think she does have a chance

ok, I know I’m setting myself up for ridicule… but, Eurovision?

is that a precursor to the World Cup or something?


LOL no it is the european contest where we sing and try to win Denmark won last year with only tear drops and the finals is today but also there are non-european countries in it

I learned about it through SATW:
(just a few of his comics on it, more there)

It is the cheesiest, most over the top singing competition ever. The commentary for it is the best, not sure what it’s like in other countries but the UK one is so sarcastic.

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I would find it more interesting if they didn’t almost all sing in english…

After checking the song names real quick, I see france and italy and maybe 2 or 3 others singing in their native language, representing their country as it should be.


To me it’s as if for the coming football world cup, the teams could have players from different nationalities. It would make the competition a lot less fun to watch imo.

you forgot montenegro :smile:

watch it now if in england i don’t know on the exact times in other countries though

Austria won with close to 250 points while france was at the bottom with 2 points and nether lands came close behind austria as well.

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:open_mouth: holy moly its like the biggest party in europe

i was just reading this comic and met this :smile: it thought it was very fitting

Oh my god @thorbjorn42gbf, that’s the best comic ever!!! XD

I know right? :smiley:

Made even funnier by the fact that i am from Sweden XD

Yeah, they are hillarious to read when you are Swedish :stuck_out_tongue:

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