World cup14 Brazil

This is where you can discuss the world cup and who you think is going to win

Brazil Croatia 3-1 brazil wins

Holland Spain 5-1 holland wins


Oh my god i knew it…
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This week, the England national football team visited an orphanage in Brazil.

“It’s sad to see their little faces with so little hope, says Juan, age 8.”



oh, well… that’s rather simple… Italy, of course… :wink: :+1: :it:


I think holland is going to be in the final and if brazil is facing Belgium in the semi finals then brazil will go into the finals and then I don’t know who will win but if Belgium doesn’t I think it will be Belgium vsholland in the final

                                                                             **THE MATCHES TODAY**

                                                                                       England vs Italy

                                                                                 Uruguay vs Costa Rica

                                                                                 Colombia vs Greece

                                                                                    **Place your bets and discuss**

Sorry Steve you might need to support someone else

ooh this cup has defiantly been interesting so far, Im thinking England over Italy (but not an easy match), Uruguay over Costa Rica, and Colombia wins a tight one agents Greece ( although I want Greece to win this game). Im So excited for todays games :smiley:


Just kidding, they’re going to get smashed D:

Fifa is going to win big time. Probably some local magnats too.


Ultimately they are the only ones who win.

In terms of the games though, for today,

I have to say England over Italy, but a tight one, maybe 2 - 1 or 2 - 0.

Uruguay will be too much for Costa Rica, 3 - 0.

And I think Colombia will beat Greece 2 - 0

Kinda sad really. The Brazilian government spent millions of dollars to host a for profit organization’s tournement. They’re expected to make 1.67 billion euros from the 2014 World Cup, and they’re not investing any of it back into Brazil.

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Italy will certainly have their hands full with England… not the best draw, to be sure… I have to hold out hope!!

edit: unbelievable! beautiful goal from Italy, only to be answered 2 minutes later by England… groans

1-1 at the half…

edit 2: WOOHOO!!! :smile:

The game agents Japan and Ivory Coast was a good one, I like japan but I’m happy about the outcome for the CIV

                                                                                    **THE RESULTS**

                                                                                 Colombia 3-0 Greece 

                                                                                    England 1-2 Italy

                                                                               Costa Rica 3-1 Uruguay

                                                                                     **THE FIXTURES**

                                                                                   Ivory Coast vs Japan

                                                                                 Switzerland vs Ecuador 

                                                                         Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovnia

                                                                                   France vs Honduras

Place your bets on whose going to lose or win and the results

I think you shouldn’t be kidding they might be e underdog and a dark horse

So, do we bet Internet Points or something? Well, I’m just gonna choose a random match and bet for one! (@SteveAdamo, is betting allowed in the state of Stonehearthdiscoursia?)

Totally Ecudador, man! 2 Internet Points!

Liek a baws.


Can’t help but feel a little bit of pride in beating Spain like that.

digital betting? sure… i’m onboard! :smile:

I was absolutely stunned… ab-so- lutely…

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I don’t have any Internet points :cry:

Me neither can i bet a part of my soul instead? (I have loads of souls. Ate one from a monk one time… tasted like chocolate)