British General Election 2015

Wether you are British, American or from anywhere else, you are cordinally invited to share your views on the upcoming election. Who are you voting for? Why are you voting for them? And most importantly who will win? Share your knowledge; any stats that you think others should know, do you know of aspects of the election process to help inform people’s decision? All this is here on the British Election thread…

Now. This is politics, and I ask you all to remain polite and to respect others views even if you don’t agree with them.

And with that, I declare the British General Election 2015 thread… Open!

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What’s the British General Election about? Could I get an explanation?

in 6 words: People vote for new prime minister.

Its kind of like voting for new president / party.

Can we vote for David Cameron or has he served both his terms?

He’s served one term, but people are getting sick of the Tories, UKIP is rising and The SNP is taking Labour votes in Scotland.

I think this election will be very close. Of the parties, here’s who’re compatible for coalition:

  • Tories–Lib-Dems (and visa versa)
  • Tories–UKIP
  • Labour–Lib-Dems
  • Labour–Greens
  • Labour–SNP
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There isn’t a limit on the number of terms as Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher was elected 4 times and Tony Blair 3 times.

I agree, at the moment it’s predicted that there will be another Hung Parliament (for those who don’t know, that means no party has a majority).

So who will you be voting for?

(If any of you are British, if not say who you would if you could)

Personally, if I could vote (I’m a few years too young) I would vote Labour. Who would you/are you vote/voting for?

I’ll be voting Tory as usual. Quite aside from anything else though, I really want that referendum on EU membership. Miliband & Clegg won’t offer it, and Nigel Farage won’t get into power, so much as I think David Cameron is too much of a wet for me, he’s the only electable one offering that referendum.

An interesting choice, not what I would pick…

Yes. Erm. So, tell me, why do you want an EU referendum?

So, we just had another debate- what do we all take from this?

Well I agree with ukip on the Defense budget and I agree with labour about the lack of housing what were te other questions?

Also if I could vote I would vote Labour

P.s. I think that Labour should have a majority government I dont want another hng government

I assume having a hung government is a bad thing

Well it’s a shared government so it’s much harder to get ideas and policies done so restricts the leader a.k.a David Cameron

Whether or not a hung government is a good thing depends on the point of view. While those rooting for the party that would have won will be disappointed, those on the losing party will be happy because the nation will not go anywhere -rather than moving backwards.

Now, I’m not British, but from what I’ve read of British politics in the last three hours I have to side with UKIP. Can someone describe the EU Referendum to me? I’ve only found a bunch of left-wing hate-oriented websites so far and no actual information about it. Turns out British propaganda is worse than American propaganda…

People will vote for Ministers of Parliament, and the leader of the party (or coalition) with the plurality of Ministers in the House of Commons will be appointed Prime Minister by Lizzy. No one will be voting for Prime Minister, new or incumbent.

The EU referendum is essentially just voting to decide whether or not we should remain a member of the EU. Sadly much of the debate is taken over by people like Farage and and UKIP and instead of genuine, factual debate we’re left with populist isolationist nonsense that seeks to withdraw the UK because it essentially boils down to those sorts of people having early 20th century views on State Sovereignty.

As for UKIP, holy hell. After watching the debate last night I’m even more convinced the guy is a complete idiot. He has all these claims about saying it how it is, and being politically incorrect to stuff it to the political classes, he can dress up bigotry however he wants. The reality is immigration is no where near the issue he claims it to be.

What’s worse is that I genuinely think he is more right wing than Thatcher and the sort of people he’s appealing to (disillusioned and disempowered ‘working class’) don’t realise how destructive voting for him will be.

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I do agree with you, and it’s very well explained, but…

A very well put point, I simply ask that you lay off the insultattion

(I never thought I’d speak to a mod like this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Also, I might add that the UKIP wants a referendum and why the Tories will be holding one (if they’re in power) is that many people are frustrated with the number of immigrants. The influx of immigrants is due to countries in Eastern Europe such as Romania, joining the EU. Part of membership of the EU allows for free immigration, allowing many immigrants into the UK, some say to take advantage of our welfare system. For this reason, UKIP wants a referendum to leave the EU so as to stop the immigration. Personally, I don’t think the immigrants are a problem as in many cases they work for cheaper money and those that emigrate here are mainly men in their 20s and 30s, perfectly fit for work, and not too likely to need much from the NHS. Of course, this is my opinion, which obviously some people don’t share.

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Ha true, though arguably populism and isolationism in the 21st century does amount to nonsense.

True, but like I said debate is usually comprised of nationalist shouts of “them coming over here and taking our jobs”, there may well be a kernel of truth at the center of such claims but let’s have a genuine, rational, intelligent discussion about immigration before we make any conclusions.

This from the University of Oxford for example details (to some extent) migration from those tranistional EU countries: Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the UK in 2014: Influx or exaggeration? - Migration Observatory - The Migration Observatory

I kind of hate how discussion has been led down the road of immigration, I’m not trying to dismiss it, but there are so many issues we need to attend to - at home and abroad … and UKIP seek to completely remove ALL International aid/ development funding … what?!


Well the way I see it, the leader of the party is the face and a lot of people seem to base opinions around that when they make their decision. I personally have no interest in politics because no matter what we never have good politicians or they never stick to the promises pre-election.

You Brits can sip your tea and talk about your elections, while us Americans drink soft drinks and talk about how much we hate our president, even though people voted for him… 'Murica! (And I totally don’t want a cool accent or anything like that) So elect who ever you want, just stay away from the Socialist Worker Party, we don’t need another Hitler…