GOG Winter Sale & Fallout 1 + 2 + Tactics Free

In case you hadn’t seen it, GOG’s winter sale has started today!

Just head over to the main page and have a browse.

Also for the next 46 hours Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics are completely free!

Enjoy :slight_smile:


oh man… nostalgia time! i own FO1 and FO2 (originals, naturally … :smile:), but dont have tactics… and having these versions optimized for modern PCs is wonderful…


I’ve never actually played any of them.

Are they recommended? And by that I mean, do you recommend them oh light of my life?

oh… em… gee… where do i begin?

FO1 is a brilliant post apocalyptic RPG… great setting and storyline… tons and tons of fun… and FO2 is simply an improvement on its predecessor… :smile:

really, you cant go wrong with these…


Maybe I shall have to pick them up then!

I mean, they are free … so …

do eet! do eet naow!

only problem is, i’ll now have to divvy time between Fallout, and Starbound… not taking into account Minecraft and Rimworld… and lets not forget the occasional Delver session… le sigh


All I’m hearing is “look how much time I have to play all of these games” :slight_smile:

It is definitely a pickle! Go in alphabetical order?


well, as a father of two “let’s play 24/7!” kids, i should really clarify what i mean by “divvy my time”… if i can squeeze in 15 minutes of Starbound, plus another 30 minutes of “family minecraft”, i consider that a huge win on my part… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sleep will just have to take a backseat on the 30th… curse you radiant! :curry: (:arrow_left: closest i could come to an emote of “curse”)

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We can Skype each other all day for moral support? We can curse and insult them together and no one will ever know tee hee.

Whilst I don’t have kids, or pets, I do have … yer who am I kidding I just use my time poorly!

Now, in relation to the post (must you insist on derailing us all the time?!) You seen any more gems in the sale?


i would love to check, but it seems we broke GOG… i can only land on about 1 out of every 5 page attempts…

apparently there’s a high demand for free l00t this time of year… :smile:

edit: ahh, transaction complete! of course, i cant play them on my machine at work… suppose i should have thought this through…

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Seems to me @SteveAdamo is fan-boying just a bit… :wink:

The demand for free loot is always high :sunglasses:

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They (Fallout 1 & 2) are standards in the vein of post-apocalyptic RPG’s. They are considered spiritual successors to Wasteland! Which coincidentally had a Kickstarter for its own successor Wasteland 2 which should be releasing sometime in the next few months. I alas have not had much opportunity to play Fallout Tactics though.

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never played it myself either… but free is free!

i played about 20 minutes of FO2 last night… the nostalgia overload was too much for me though… will give it another run this weekend, but again, there are only so many free gaming hours!

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Ain’t that the truth!! I’ll have a little more time, now that my semester is finished… but my wife and kids always come first!!


I always hear people speaking highly of them - I’ve played Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas which are obviously completely different visually and enjoyed them both.

Seeing as they’re free though it seems silly not to redeem them!


just keep in mind when they were made… 1997 for FO1 and 1998 (i believe) for FO2… the graphics can be a bit jarring, and we all know how superficial you can be…

but you dont really need to play 1 to enjoy 2, and if you want to play with a more polished version of the same game, you can jump directly to 2…

but yeah, the good old days of Black Isles… :+1:


Well as true as that is …

I have no problem with the visuals, if it was in first person then I think that would be more jarring, but usually this style of graphics tend to age a bit more gracefully than most.

Between work, Xbox, Starbound and Stonehearth though … I’m just not sure I’ll have the time to play!

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You can always add them to the list…

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Why bring logic to this place?!