Goblins that attack Stockpiles are creating multiple bugs

Hi there, I’ve seen some posts on buildings that won’t complete, unplaceable beds, people unable to craft items and houses failing to match the template. I’ve run into all of these issues and I think the cause is the goblins that attack your stockpile. More specifically, the items and resources that they destroy are not being removed from the pool of items that the contruction and placement menus are calling on to complete tasks, and when your hearthlings try to retreive the item attached to the ID in question, they can’t because that item no longer exists.

I started noticing buildings like this one with missing parts:


However if you enter the building mode the part is plainly there.


A building with missing lamps


That show up in the build mode.


I started wondering what was going on and then I started placing beds. At the time I had 10 comfy beds but only 9 would ever place. I could have sworn I saw the goblins destroy one but the town inventory assured me the bed was fine. Turns out the town inventory is wrong.

The town inventory claims we have one undeployed comfy bed. (The one destroyed by the goblins)


The placement inventory claims we have one undeployed comfy bed. (The one destroyed by the goblins)


Try as we might we will never be able to place the bed. The workers seem aware it’s destroyed. They will idle instead of placing it.


Tired of what I assumed to be an unreachable item I couldn’t locate I tried to sell it. The sale inventory on the other hand seems COMPLETELY aware that the item no longer exists.


The crappiest thing about this bug is that the missing ID is never removed from the list. It can be called up over and over and over again.





I suspect that this error is at the heart of a lot of the problems that people are getting and whatever the sale list is doing right, needs to be reflected in the other lists. Btw, it’s a real shame in a way that the sales list is getting it right though, it means I can’t even sell off the offending items but at least it paints a clear picture of what the problem is.


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