Goblin spawn suggestion

As of A10, the goblins have appeared like out of thin air…
After the latest steam branch update, we saw that the goblins now first arrives (like magic…) in a very limited camp (firepit)

My idea is:
Could you make it, so goblins will walk in from the edge of the map, maybe carrying loot (wood, stone, etc.)
if they are not stopped, they build a camp, like the heartlings have to…
Over time, they get more and more brothers bringing tools/weapons, wolf and so on…
this way they will STOP, making this unlikely appearance in the middle of the map, and be more realistics.


So… Like a gradually developing Goblin civilisation that could rival your own, as time goes by? I like this idea.
Especially if, as further goblins migrate to their town, their ‘camp’ gets bigger. So the longer it’s left in peace, the larger and more threatening it gets.

Of course, having it balanced, the goblins wouldn’t be seen walking in area’s covered by ‘fog of war’ zones. :smile:


You get my idea ! :smiley: Just like a horrific civilization of goblins ! :wink:

I think the current way, where they appear out of thin air… is wierd :-/

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Agreed, or they should at least walk out of the tents. Though the tents should hold a certain number of goblins before newcomers appear at the map’s edge. The same should happen with your settlers!

So the settlers should appear at start from a tent ?

But for the goblins, … would like to hear how Radient like the idea :smile:

I would love to have my comfy little village established and then discover “OH CRAP! GOBLINS!” somewhere in the far corner of the map.


This will require ALOT of AI programming for the goblins… logic building placement… but I’m okay, if this is run on repeat for every goblin camp… as long as it looks possible, and real… istead of them being ally with a damn genie or warlord

Settles should appear on the map edge. Goblins should appear from the tents, but only sometimes.

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