Goblin item request happening multiple times at once

I was playing on the latest release with The Ascendancy and going through the story as normal. All of the sudden about 33ish “A goblins with a fancy hat swggers into town notifications come in”. I had already completed one demand quest without any problem
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play through the Ascendancy story line as normal
  2. Complete the first of the goblin camps’ demands
  3. Wait for the second set of demands
    Not entirely sure sorry
    Expected Results:
    Goblins only send one set of item demands
    Actual Results:
    Goblins send about 33 item demands all at once


Save Game
1521390238789 - Copy.zip (6.5 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
(release-798 (x64) debug tools, rayaas children
System Information:
not really sure, if it is needed ill will try to find out


Alright so after going through all the notifications the game spawned a bunch of raiding parties.

Heres the campaign browser


That is a sea of green! Wow!

Continuing after another in game day it seems like multiple raiding parties have spawned

Campaign Manager (not sure if i can zoom in)

Of the more interesting bugs posted here. Now to figure how to replicate for a full military town!


@legoguy8787, do you happen to have the stonehearth.log from when the multiple requests happened?

An Archer and two Clerics will do.

@Relyss sorry i dont think i do. then again im not exactly sure how to find it other than file searching my pc

If you restarted the game after that, then it’s already gone.
Thanks anyway! This is a strange bug. Apparently only the shakedown encounter got spawned multiple times, but the wait encounter that spawns with it only spawned once :thinking:

Was anything else happening in the game when all the notifications appeared? This is tricky to reproduce…

@Relyss nothing out of the ordinary as far as i remember, everything up to the point seemed fine

Hahaha this is epic! The goblins are revolting against the devteam and trying to take over the world of hearth! I aprove :rofl::heartpulse:

That reminds me of old stonehearth if you did not have a path for the goblins to reach and you put one ladder and all hell broke lose tons of Goblins :smiley:

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