Goblin Honor Token?

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As long as I can mount them on the wall, like trophies, I am behind this.
[/quote]that would make them so cool! perhaps i should open a new thread for this discussion.

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Interesting. What me and my friend… barney324 ar saying is we have beta option {latest} inn steam and we still see the totems… or has it been updated in the past few hours…
Also first time poster… hi

first of all wlecome to the discourse @grahambarn :smile:

secondly, are you using a brand new save game/world?

If its not still alpha 9 2248 i think mine is?// the one hat launched this week then i dont havve the latest… but yes i have a new save… although i am not at home to check if it is incompatible

yes its still alpha 9 graham and we do both have the lastest build… as this is for the totems i will post here (as i did in your post graham)

I still have the goblin totems appearing as well (we are both confused as a couple of posts… or a few above us say these have been removed from the game???) our build is 2283 which apparently is the latest so… what’s going on? cheers

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our build is 2283 which apparently is the latest so… what’s going on? cheers
[/quote]hmm… strange. i had a problem that none of the new features were implemented until i completely reinstalled the game. so perhaps that’s what you need to do, if you need help with what exactly to do just ask.

the thing is, i didn’t save my steam key so i would lose the game completely?

Thanks for the fast reply

left click the game in your steam library, then select “delete local content” the game wil stay in your library, just requires a redownload. im not certain that just doing that will work though, if it doesnt i can tell you the other way.

nice thanks, back shortly :smiley: or is there a way to PM so i don’t spam up the forum?

Thank you for this - I was searching everywhere trying to figure out how to grab newer updates via Steam for a game I didn’t purchase via Steam in the first place (new thing for me). :smile:

I thought the little totems were cute at first, but after stacks of them overflowing my stockpiles, I started to hate them. I like some of the ideas mentioned here about what they could be used for … currency being the one that makes the most sense to me. Trade them to other clans for things or even to the goblins themselves.

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I am confused. Currently playing on alpha 17, and I haven’t gotten a single honor token. My town isnt that progressed, but well on 40 days through. Pls, I want to get Valor of Cid shrine

The drop rate for them has been drastically reduced as other loot objects and enemies have been introduced. Besides being a decorative item, they are also now used as a crafting material for the Valor fountain (or what ever it’s called).

The most common way I’ve found Honour Tokens is from the “A Dangerous Goblin Approaches” event. These generally trigger from a goblin camp as far as I can tell; the goblins which attack from that camp can drop a lot of different things (or nothing) so it’s far from guaranteed, but it is at least a way to increase the opportunity to find one.

As such, I tend to not clear out the goblin camps so agressively in the late-game; simply because I want a bunch of honour tokens to decorate my barracks with; along with a couple of Valour of Cid fountains to flank the main path into the training yard.

@martingrosen - why not to be able to sell them like you do with he scout capes? I think that would be a preferable option.

You want to burn stuff too much, are you sure you’re not worshipping Armok by any chance?


what is that?

@Tuxu, I think he’s referring to one of the fountains you can craft to get tier 2 city.

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Yeah, the fountain for town status 1 where the tokens are a crating ingredient. At the moment, I wasn’t in the mood to try and look up that name or anything silly like that.

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There’s a tier 2 city? :scream:
I never saw that!

starting stonehearth

@Relyss @Gaddiel - Funny thing is that i am ussually playing with ​Rayya’s Children’s and I’ve only played the ascendancy once or twice way long ago so I wasn’t aware that one faction gets the updates and the other doesn’t. :open_mouth:

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tier 2 cities will be better when you can remove your “tier 1” buildings and upgrade. Just need to make sure that I don’t build roads until I’ve built those buildings :stuck_out_tongue:

however I’ve been playing on normal, smashed a whole bunch of minor and larger goblin camps and still no honor tokens :frowning:

i have a question… i started a new on peacefull cause i just want to build a huge city with no interuptions but i also wanna do the content witch i cant in peacefull… like i cant get the gobling honor token… dose any1 know a way around this?

I can’t remember, but maybe you can buy it in some shops, not sure though.
You can also cheat it and spawn that item.

There is also a mod (I made it :slight_smile: ) good for this situation: