Goblin demands not fulfilled yet satisfied

If I was to title this, I would call it “I Fooled The Goblins! or, How I Got Over On The Goblin Leader Without Actually Fulfilling His Foolish Demands.”

The good citizens of Lower Knobville were going about their daily business when the Goblin Leader stomped into town.

“Give me 9 raccoon pelts, or we crush you like so many tasty beetles”, He said.
“Ok, we will”, said the appointed spokesperson for the village, Liam Longbottom, “In fact, we have them right here, take them.”
“No”, said Arvi the Intractable, “We get them tomorrow”.
He then left the town, goblin toadies in tow.

The next morning, a rugged adventurer came to the town, and somebody sold him the 9 raccoon pelts from the town store. When this was learned, the townspeople panicked, knowing it would mean pain and death, and possibly some rather rough treatment to the town’s sheep…

When the Goblin leader came back into the town the next morning, he demanded his raccoon pelts.

“You give me raccoon pelts now!”, demanded the Goblin with the funny hat.
“We sold them this morning by accident!”, explained the town speaker.
“Ok, thanks for these pelts”, said the Goblin leader, “Now we get along fine”.
"???..", thought Liam Longbottom, confused by the whole matter.

The only sight the townsfolk or the sheep saw after this transaction, was the Goblin Chief, swaggering off into the sunset…

Ok, guys; The goblins came demanding the pelts (they wanted 9, I had 9, and I agreed to the trade because my forces were a little thin at the time). I looked at the “satisfy the goblins” exclamation point thing (I don’t know what to call it), and it said 9/9. The next morning I sold the pelts and then the goblin came back to the town. However, it still said I had 9/9 for the “satisfy the goblins” job.

I’m not sure if it was because I had the 9 pelts before he asked for them and it satisfied the requirements, or maybe it just glitched out, I’m not sure.

But the goblin went away satisfied, and even though I had sold the pelts, it still said I had 9/9 to satisfy the goblins.



because of the fact you sold them, kinda reminds me of how you could sell clothes right off the backs of your hearthlings, :joy:


I had a similar issue (Yet the opposite) during Alpha 9, I think it was. Where I had the resources, but it didn’t register what I had properly, since the time that the demand was made.

Perhaps related, thought I might mention in case.

I.e. This may be an issue with the dialogue demand connecting with the stockpile at initiation of demand, rather than constantly reappraising the contents of your stockpile, especially on the re-demand…

Those are my thoughts on the matter.


My favourite bug report ever!


Thanks @aaronsta, I had a lot of fun writing it :smile:

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